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Welcome to the WEBSITE of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, STA, Technological Education Institute of Serres.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is part of the School of Technological Applications (STA) of the Technological Education Institute (TEI) of Serres, since its foundation in 1983 (Law No 1404/83).

In 2001, by virtue of the law N. 2916/2001, the Technological Education Institutes were upgraded to enter in the higher level of the Greek Educational System, while, from 2007, according to the law N. 3549/2007, the Higher Education of Greece consists of two parallel sectors:

· The Academic Sector, which includes Universities, Polytechnics and the School of Fine Arts, and
· The Technological Sector, which includes the Technological Education Institutes and the Higher School of Pedagogical and Technological Education.

Being part of a Higher Education Institute, the Department of Mechanical Engineering STA/TEI of Serres has a clear mission to accomplish and an important calling:

· To produce and promote scientific knowledge in terms of research and teaching, and to respond to every cultural and educational need of the society, based on the principles of viable growth and social cohesion.

· To contribute in the edification of responsible citizens, capable to get along in every field of human activity, with scientific, professional and cultural sufficiency, and with respect to the humanitarian values of justice, freedom, democracy and solidarity.

· To produce and maintain the appropriate conditions for the quest of knowledge and its distribution, to facilitate the progress of young researchers by seeking collaborations with Universities and Research Institutes, inland or abroad, and to participate actively in the exploitation of knowledge and of the human potential, for the prosperity of the local and the international community.

In this context:

The Undergraduate Studies offered by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, STA/TEI of Serres, covers the discipline of Mechanical Engineering, in terms of design, development, construction and operation of engines, mechanical equipment and processes, as well as systems for power-production and management, driven by efficiency, environmental sustainability and social sensitivity. The necessary link between academic knowledge and application is met through workshop courses and training in well-equipped laboratories.

Education is organized on the solid basis of the Courses of General Infrastructure (Mathematics, Physics, Informatics, etc), is further strengthened by the Courses of Specialized Infrastructure (via which our Graduates acquire the basics on Mechanical Engineering), and is completed by the Specialized Courses, which offer in depth study of specific fields in the Manufacturing Sector and in the Energy Systems.

The Department’s Academic Personell participate in many Scientific Programs, funded by National and European financial resources, while acting jointly with other Universities and Technological Institutes (both domestic and foreign), for the submission of common Research Projects.

In this WEBSITE you can find information concerning the detailed Undergraduate Studies Program, as well as on many administrative issues of our Department, the Regulation of Studies, together with the educational and the research activity of its faculty members.

Happy surfing!

                                 On behalf of the Department of Mechanical Engineering,
                                                        Kostas KLEIDIS

                                        Assistant Professor, Head of the Department